A bit about us.

The Queen

I started making beeswax wraps as a way to reduce the plastic that my family was using, and we were using a lot. Not only have we stopped buying single use plastic, but our fruits, vegetables, and cheese have never lasted longer!

With the estimation that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050, something needs to change. Even using one beeswax wrap over the end of a cut cucumber instead of clingfilm is a start! We really can change the world. One wrap at a time.


The best part of making beeswax wraps is the beeswax. I have a passion for bees and the phenomenal things they do for us and our environment, and love being able to support my local apiarists in buying the wax from them. In addition to supporting beekeepers in the area, 10% of profit will be donated to CIBER (Centre for Integrative Bee Research) through The Future Bees Fund. CIBER does research into honeybees and their decline, diseases facing the bees, and conservation. In addition to support to CIBER, The Future Bees Fund supports beekeepers and community outreach programmes.

Get in touch

Telephone: 0426 980 649

Markets I am usually at:

  • Upmarket – Castle Hill Pony Club – Last Sunday of every month
  • Market by the River – Ermington
  • Caste Hill Showground …
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