Bees, Glorious Bees

Bees are cool. So, so cool. Not only do they make honey which is, let’s be honest, one of the most delicious things on the planet, while doing so they cross-pollinate at least 30% of the world’s crops. And it is estimated at up to 90% of the world’s wild plants! Bees are so important to pollination of crops. According to the American Beekeeping Federation, some crops, including blueberries and cherries, are 90% dependent on honey bee pollination. And one crop, almonds, depends entirely on the honey bee for pollination! That means that all almonds, at least in the USA, rely entirely on bees for pollination. Bees are solely responsible for moving pollen from one flower to another, fertilizing each flower, therefore creating fruit. The more I type and think about it, the more astounded I am!

It is because of these awesome, and very cute, fuzzy little gals that I can bring you Bee Queen food wraps. Not only is the honey delicious and the help with pollination crucial, the wax that I use also comes directly from bees through their hives. The first batch of beeswax that I used was so lightly coloured and barely scented – which I later learned is because no honey or young had been in it! The next batch of wax I received had larvae hatch and honey collected so was much darker and the delicious smell of honey was much more intense. (As a side note, I filter the wax to remove any particles before using!) Just look at the picture on the left one made with the first batch of near-white wax (on the left), the second with the darker, honey wax! That’s the reason some wraps, even of the same pattern, have a slight yellow tinge and why some smell more of honey than others. Both are equally effective in making wraps, the only difference is the colour and the smell


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