What is a beeswax wrap?

Using one of our wraps couldn’t be easier! Simply use the heat from your hands to soften the wrap (they’ll be fairly stiff to begin with and will soften the more you use them) and wrap around the item you’re covering. If covering a plate, bowl, or other container, place the softened wrap over the container and press along the edges to form a seal. The wraps stick to themselves, so if in doubt use a bigger wrap than you think you need and let it overlap.

Some plastics containers do not want to stick to the wraps and create a seal – don’t worry! Use an elastic band to hold it in place if needed. We have a stash of bands that come from a variety of places for reuse: around asparagus and broccolini bunches, the post, and even the aquarium when we bring home a new fish or coral.

The same concept works for wrapping around fruit, vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, and snacks. Overlap as much of the wrap around the food as you can, use the heat of your hands to stick it together, and you’re set!

*Please note, the wraps are not recommended for use with meat. Beeswax teamed with jojoba oil has brilliant antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, but the wraps cannot be cleaned with hot water so could not be properly cleaned after meat storage.

How do I choose a size?

We have four sizes of wrap available, sold in packs or separately. If you are just beginning your Bee Queen journey, I recommend a Three or Four pack so you can get a feel for the sizes and how they work best in your home.

Wrap Sizes and Suggested Uses:

  • Extra Small (13cm x 13cm) Cover the end of a cucumber, half an avocado or lemon
  • Small (19cmx19cm)Use around a glass, jar, or even a tin. Also great for making small snack bags for nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
  • Medium (29cmx29cm) The perfect sandwich wrapper! Also a great size for wrapping around cheese and keeps herbs fresh for ages. This is a great size for making snack pouches as well.
  • Large (34cmx34cm)Great for salad bowls and plates of leftovers. The best size for cauliflower and cabbage
  • Custom Orders: I am happy to take orders for custom sizes – just send a message!

How do I clean my wraps?

Rinse your Bee Queen wrap with cool water and mild detergent, if needed. If something sticks to your wrap, do not scratch it off, as tempting as it is! Scratching dried food off a wrap can remove the wax and may shorten the life of your wraps. If food is stuck on the wrap, leave a small amount of water on the wrap for a few minutes to soften, then clean as usual. I recommend rolling them to store as folding can cause cracks and shorten the life of your wrap.

How do I wrap a sandwich or make a snack bag?

Lay your Bee Queen wrap ‘right’ side down (some fabrics are more vibrant on one side than the other. Make sure your more vibrant side is face down.) and turn it so it is diamond-shaped. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner; fold the right corner towards the left, about a third of the way over; fold the left corner towards the right, about a third, where they will overlap. Tuck one of these overlapping flaps into the other and use the heat from your hands to press along where the wrap touches. Fold down the top flap and you’ve created an envelope for your sandwich or snack! I use this envelope for so much: sandwiches and snacks; mushrooms and green beans; grated cheese; split bags of pasta, etc.

Check out this large wrap being folded into a bag. This is how we store everything from a sandwich to crackers; cookies to grapes! #beeswaxwraps #folding #snacks #lunch #fruitandveg #stayfresh #handmade

Posted by Bee Queen on Friday, 27 April 2018

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