Mega Pack


Mega Pack: 3x Large Wraps, 3x Medium Wraps, 3x Small Wraps, 3x Extra Small Wraps

The mega pack is the perfect way to start, or expand, your beeswax wraps collection. It can easily be split apart to make great gifts!

3x large wrap (34x34cm) is ideal for covering half a pumpkin or cauliflower, covering a plate of cooled leftovers or salad bowl, wrapping a sandwich, or even an entire kilo block of cheese!

3x medium wrap (29x29cm) is ideal for smaller sandwiches and wraps; blocks of cheese; fresh herbs; asparagus; and smaller bowls and plates.

3x small wrap (19x19cm) makes a perfect small snack bag; covering half an avocado or mango; smaller cheeses such as blue or brie; and smaller bowls and jars.

3x extra small wrap (13x13cm) is the size to cover a cut cucumber, lemon, lime, even tomatoes and onions! This size works well over small jars and even tins, too.

Wrap variations

  • Mega : 4

3x Large Wraps, 3x Medium Wraps, 3x Small Wraps, 3x Extra Small Wraps

To use, simply use the heat from your hands to mould the wrap around your food or dish. Ensure there is some overlap as the wrap will stick to itself rather than the food.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge; rinse under cool water; or feel free to submerge in cool water and wash with detergent. How often you wash, and to what degree, is up to you. If wrapping a sandwich, brushing the crumbs off and using again is no problem!

Please Note – beeswax wraps are not intended for wrapping raw meat or hot items.

Bee Queen beeswax wraps should last 12 months or longer, depending on use and care.


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